Tips for Blogging

Don’t blog for money. Remember this is social networking, not selling. An occasional plug for you new book is fine, but lay off the sales stuff or people will leave your blog. If you have a good restaurant, post specials or your recipes. If you are a publisher, tell how to write a good book and get it published.

  • Use lists, bullets, and subheads in your posts. This will give better search engine optimization.Keep your post on-brand. What is the purpose of your blog? Stay on that track.
  • Use a photo in your content that shows your face or face of your business. I prefer a facial photograph – not a distance shot or clipart.
  • Drive content from passion. See:
  • If your post is out to tear something down (political, religious, educationally, health), build a vision of what the vision should be and how to get there. Give the reader vision, hope, and strategy.


What other ideas can you add?

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